MacuShield capsules are specifically formulated to include antioxidants. It helps to protect sensitive areas at the back of the eye, such as the macula, against damaging sources of light and age-related changes. The antioxidants boost the eyes’ natural defences against potentially harmful blue light found in sunlight, TV screens and LED lights.

Scientific research suggests that the combination of antioxidants in MacuShield have the ability to enrich the protective layer found within the eye. This helps defend against age-related eye disease and damage caused by the environment.

MacuShield is designed for those directly affected by, or with a close family history of, reduced macula pigment. MacuShield can also be taken as a preventative for people over the age of 50. Contains 30 capsules which should be taken once a day.


  • Meso-Zeaxanthin 10 mg

  • Lutein 10 mg

  • Zeaxanthin 2mg


  • Sunflower Seed Oil

  • Gelatin

  • Glycerol

  • Colour: Red Iron Oxide

  • Beeswax

MacuShield 30 Pack

SKU: 100003
    • To be taken once a day

    • Combination of nutrients for healthy eyes

    • Shields the macula from effects of age and pollutants