CAZAL wanted to create a corrective eyeglasses frame made of 10-mm-strong acetate. Very few manufacturers at the time dared used that material. Its strength allowed the designer to cut many surface facets to create an exhilarating play of light and reflection. 

This extraordinarily solid style called for a metallic counterpart, which appears as temple lining in shining and matte gold. The frame shown is the exclusive limited addition model.


Cazal Limited Edition Vintage 163 Frame

SKU: Cazal163001
  • The stylistic originality of the CAZAL eyewear collections has always left ample scope for extravagant interpretations that can only be properly understood in the context of the collection as a whole. A typical example is the style CAZAL 163, which was created as a harmonious counterpart to an existing men’s style (CAZAL 623). The result is truly astounding.Choosing a slightly more delicate material, Cari Zalloni created a feminine silhouette. The shape of the lenses is particularly sophisticated – a unique blend of diamond- and drop-shaped. By employing the triple décor cut near the upper bridge, he was able to maintain the distinctive brow line. The vivacious colours, which lend lightness to this rather haptic style, are all the more dynamic on the neutral, transparent backgroundThese are also available in other colours. The frame shown is the limted edition offering, with a mottled grey black front frame. 

    Single Vision Plastic Lenses can be added free of charge.  Email us an up to date prescription abd pupillary distance to, if you want your Cazal frame to be fitted with Single Vision Plastic Lenses, free of charge.


    The size is:   Arm Length:  135mm

                        Bridge width : 12mm

                        Lens width : 59mm